At Philippa London we are passionate about preserving British craftsmanship, especially when it comes to vintage fur.  We collaborate with our experienced Furrier, Danny, who has a wealth of expertise in the trade, to offer a range of services that will revitalise your beloved garment.

Restyle, Repair and Rewear

Our vintage fur services focus on sustainability and longevity.  We can restyle and repair your vintage fur, transforming them into modern and wearable designs.  By recycling and reconditioning we ensure that your cherished garments can be enjoyed for many years and even passed down to a future generation.

Reconditioning Specialist Fur Cleaning and Glazing

Our professional Furrier Cleaning Service is tailored to pre-owned and vintage fur.  We specialise in cleaning, de moth and moth proofing to preserve the quality and beauty.

Trust Philippa London’s Vintage Fur Service to care for your treasured garments, combining expert craftsmanship with commitment to sustainability and timeless design.

Please contact  info@philippalondon.com

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