Specialist Fur Cleaning and Glazing

Professional Furrier Fur Cleaning and Glazing is essential to ensure the quality of any fur garment; new or vintage.

Philippa London has a Professional Furrier Fur Cleaning Service that is specifically designed to clean, de moth and moth proofing for all fur garments.

Philippa London has a Professional Furrier Fur Glazing Service where the Furrier process that brings the fur shine back into the fur.

Please contact Philippa London on info@philippalondon.com or 077142 59927 if you would like more details of the specialised processes.

“The coat is fabulous. I keep getting complimented…. it’s so completely different from what it was. I’m thrilled!! x”

“We’re in a coffee shop and someone else has just come up to me…!! x”


The Philippa London team work on bespoke projects using Vintage Fur and New Fur from the initial concept, design, remodelling and restyling to ensure the garment is perfect for you and your needs.

Vintage Mink Fur Bolero  Vintage Mink Fur Gilet

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