Pip’s Fashion Diary: A Week of Style, Elegance, and Wimbledon Adventures


Step into Pip’s world as she navigates a week filled with fashion escapades, sophisticated outings, and a touch of Wimbledon magic. From gracing the pages of Tatler to captivating The Telegraph Life & Style, Pip is on a sartorial high that promises to inspire and delight.

Welcoming all new newsletter sign-ups with open arms, Pip embarks on her latest stylish adventures, donning the enchanting pieces of Philippa London that effortlessly captivate and inspire. The off-white Tulip blouse paired with the silver Louie skirt set the tone for a chic exploration, from a leisurely visit to Fortnum and Masons to a delightful lunch at the esteemed Arlington Restaurant.

With a quick change of shoes, Pip indulges in some window shopping at the iconic Burlington Arcade before basking in the charming ambiance of The Ritz’s sunny terrace – a perfect moment of indulgence and relaxation.


The week takes an exciting turn as Pip receives a coveted invitation to the courts of Wimbledon, dressed in the joyful Maggie yellow dress and complemented by the chic Grace navy jacket. Each ensemble proudly embodies the essence of Philippa London’s luxury, elegance, and individuality, shining bright in the midst of the tennis excitement.

Join us on the Philippa London journey where every outfit narrates a story of timeless elegance and meticulous British craftsmanship. With Pip as your guide, experience the allure of British fashion at its finest, celebrating the spirit of style, sophistication, and individuality.

Stay tuned for more updates, style inspirations, and thrilling moments with Philippa London as we continue to celebrate the magic of British fashion together.

With love and fashion-forward dreams,

Pip at Philippa London