The Timeless Elegance of Philippa London’s Tulip Blouse: Handcrafted in London using Premium UK Stock Fabrics

The Yellow Tulip Silk Blouse 

At Philippa London, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is seen in the Tulip Blouse. The Tulip Blouse, a stunning piece of wearable art, showcases our dedication to producing garments of the highest standard. Handcrafted in London by our specialised machinist, using premium UK stock fabrics, this blouse is a testament to our attention to detail and support for local industries. In this blog post, we delve into the exquisite design and construction of the Tulip Blouse, highlighting its versatility, beautiful fabric options, and delightful details.

Crafted with Premium UK Stock Fabrics:

To ensure superior quality, the Tulip Blouse is meticulously crafted using premium UK stock fabrics. These carefully selected materials showcase the highest standards of textile product available in the UK. While the fabric itself may not be explicitly manufactured in the UK, our commitment to sourcing from UK stock ensures the use of top-quality textiles.

Lightweight Printed Cotton Poplins

The Tulip Blouse is available in a range of lightweight printed cotton poplins. These fabrics feature vibrant prints and patterns that add a touch of playfulness and personality to the blouse. The breathable nature of cotton poplin ensures comfort, making it an excellent choice for warmer weather.

The Cotton Printed Tulip Blouse 

Mid-weight White Cotton Twill

For those seeking a classic and timeless option, the Tulip Blouse also comes in a mid-weight white cotton twill fabric. This fabric provides more structure, ensuring the blouse maintains its elegant silhouette with every wear. The crisp white colour allows it to be worn with many pieces in your wardrobe.


The off white cotton twill Tulip blouse 

Luxurious Doupion Silk with Contrasting Ribbon

Embodying luxury, the Tulip Blouse is also available in a stunning Doupion silk fabric and stunning colours. This lustrous and opulent material elevates the blouse for a perfect peices of any event. The addition of contrasting ribbon trim brings a delightful touch of visual interest, creating a beautiful focal point. The silk accentuates the feminine silhouette of the blouse, making it the perfect choice for special occasions.


The Blue Silk Tulip Blouse

Versatile Styling and Thoughtful Details

The Tulip Blouse offers versatility in its design and styling options. Adorned with a signature bow that can be worn in the front or at the back, you have the freedom to create different looks according to your preference and mood. The puff sleeves and contrast stitching on the off-white version further enhances the blouse’s unique design and attention to detail.


With the Philippa London Tulip Blouse, you can experience the epitome unique look. Handcrafted in London using premium UK stock fabrics, each blouse is a masterpiece that exudes versatility.  If you choose the lightweight printed cotton poplins, the classic white cotton twill, or the luxurious Doupion silk, you can rest assured that the Tulip Blouse will elevate your style and make you feel wonderful anywhere you go!

Embrace the sophistication and craftsmanship of the Tulip Blouse, reflecting the impeccable standards that define Philippa London’s creations.

With love,
Pip x