Natural anti-moth Products

I hope you have had a great week.

A short update this week. I’ve come across an amazing website Total Wardrobe Care, who special in natural moth products which I would highly recommend. Their blog posts are really interesting and not necessarily just about managing our furs but covers silks and cashmere which if like me we also treasure these special pieces in our wardrobes.

One thing that struck me that the pheromone sticky pads, that I have been using, should never be put in our wardrobes but rather under a chest of draws otherwise we are act encouraging the moth to come into our wardrobes which we certainly do not want!

Amazon stock the pheromone pads and this is what I use around my house.

Entopest Pack of 10 Common Clothes Moth Pheromone Replacement Refill Pads

As discussed on an IGTV another tip from Danny, our highly experienced Furrier, who highly recommends getting a cat brushwork to use on our furs. You can find These brushes at most super markets under their pet section.