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New in – Vintage Mink Fur Jackets

Genuine Vintage Brown Mink Fur Jacket

Genuine Fur Jacket

Vintage Genuine Black Mink Fur Jacket

Vintage Fur Jacket

Genuine Vintage Mink Fur Jacket

Fur Hats

Cream Molly Silk Crepe Blouse

Cream Silk Blouse

Sapphire Blue Molly Silk Blouse

Blue Silk Blouse

Bottle Green Molly Silk Crepe Blouse

Green Silk Blouse

Philippa London have a specialist fur cleaning,
conditioning, furrier repairing and bespoke fur remodelling services for all new and vintage fur.

Please see our services Services page for more detail or contact Philippa London on or 077142 59927 if you would like more details of the specialised processes.